Reach Re-Configured
Reach Your Patients and HCPs

Distance will never come between you and your reach! Wherever they exist, you can now expand your patients and HCPs' network and reach them instantly.

We use cognitive-behavioral assessment tools and other elements to create more dynamic and inclusive targeting through different digital channels. Tracing the potential patients’ and HCPs footprints and leading them to your network!

We are a Startuphealth portfolio company

With a seat among the Moonshot Health Transformers, NTAM Health will have the opportunity to expand its operations on an international level; using technologies to better the medical personnel-patient connection, provide easier market access, add new sources to train their cognitive behavior algorithm through conclusive clinical trials data and global patients behavior.
our approch
We build bridges!

All you need is a bridge for your client database to be rich! And this happens to be our area of expertise.

We use data triage and the latest digital tools to take the relationship between HCPs, Patients, and Pharma to a whole new level. Our main objective is to facilitate the interaction process to ensure faster and more efficient access to treatment and staff recruitment.

Simplicity is the Key

A major leap forward

Our core process relies on a set of neatly picked services to allow quick and guaranteed outcomes.

Online Presence

We create a stable and remarkable online presence for your brand using a unique methodology, which starts the online conversation and keeping it going for a long time.

Digital Marketing

Our top-notch digital marketing strategies will empower your brand, boost your business, and help you reach potential clients. We ensure its implementation, along with other services like media productions and online advertisements.


You need someone to take you by the hand and guide you through the whole process. From zero to being the brightest hero! That’s exactly what we are here for. We shape your world based on online feedback and analyze it by our unique Easy Sentiment platform.
Data Approach
Data is the King

Compliantly lead your business actions.

We aim to lead your business beyond success since we master the art of both data and healthcare. Our secret formula combines technology with suitable models that fit the industry regulations from data privacy to pharmacovigilance.

Market Access

Disease Awareness

Patients Support Programs

Direct Sales

Here are Our Some

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Patients Supported

Project Managment

We offer end to end solutions with complete healthcare compliance in mind.

Online Presence

Being in the right place at the right time is the whole point of your digital presence!
We properly position your brand digitally and start online conversations on your behalf.

Digital Marketing

Be prudent where you spend your budget, or better yet, let us help you! We will manage it wisely, helping you make the most of it by implementing practical marketing tools.


Imagine a world where you provide your patients with precisely what they need!
We will help you redirect the feedback to your best interest to support your patients immediately.
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What We Do?

We help patients, Pharma, and HCPs to communicate and simplify complex relationship that helps in improving the treatments outcomes.
Simplifying complex relationships to improve outcomes is our game. We help patients, pharmaceutical companies, and HCPs communicate way better!
Our process ensures resolving any inconveniences to provide the patient with a once in a lifetime experience. We help you access the market, support your patients through wholesome programs, increase awareness, and manage consumer projects.

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