We Are Different

We deliver nothing but unique and efficient services to support our clients. We build brands and operate as an extended team for our success partners.


We work closely with our clients daily, helping them achieve their goals and reach new patients.

Who Are We?

NTAM.Health is one of NTAM Group’s several branches, which leads the digital consultancy area in hospitality, working closely with renowned international hotels (more than 10,000 rooms) and reaching way more than 5 million online consumer engagements.


We create a balance between technology and the human touch. Using our latest techniques, we managed to help hundreds of clients transform their customers’ feedback into business actions and strategies.

Our Vision

“We are mixing technology and human behavior to create exceptional patient engagement, supporting them through every step of their treatment journey.”

We Are very close to your team!

We are closer to you than ever!

Our teams are located in Dubai, Cairo, Alexandria, Barcelona, San Francesco, and Beirut.

Our teams are in Dubai, Cairo, Alexandria, Barcelona, San Francesco and Beirut.

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